Cross Country Company has received recognition from the Sports Driving Authority,

 To constitute a training body for obtaining a certification certificate as an instructor and coach.


 Who is the course for?

 For anyone who engages in, or intends to train and / or mentor adults, youth, or children in one of the fields of motor sports

 Obliged to be certified by law.



 * Meeting the course conditions and passing the exam successfully, will provide the participant with a course completion certificate.

 * This certificate and compliance with the admission requirements required by law (with the approval of the Sports Driving Authority) Eligibility Regulation

   For a certificate of instructor and coach for motor sports, which will be issued by the Sports Driving Authority.

   As part of the service, we will take care of the entire certificate issuance process for you. (Collection and submission of all required documents to the Authority

   For sporty driving, and handling the entire process of issuing the certificate).



  Administration - the law and regulations, conditions for obtaining a sports driver's license, insurance

  Driving rules - types of tracks, conduct in a sports complex, officials, agreed signs, safety rules and behavior during an accident / fire

  Technical - Safety of the Competitive Tool, Safety Equipment, Types of Competitive Tools - Standards, Faults Disqualifying Uses, Regulations

  Methodology - Coaching Theory, Principles for Coaching Children / Adults, Improving Skills, Planning and Building Coaching

  Physical fitness - the connection to race performance, injury prevention, annual program

  Nutrition - general, nutrition for athletes, proper eating before and after training / race

  Psychology - goal setting, stress management, communication, long-term concentration, mental training for athletes

  Race - preparation for, conduct and division of time, division of power

  First aid course


  Enrichment lectures