Cross Country and the founder Miki Yochay

Cross Country was founded in 1996 by Miki Yochay, one of the most experienced in the field of motor sport activity in its various shades.
Cross Country - Recognized by the Sports Driving Authority / Ministry of Sports as a college for the driving and riding professions in motor sports and was the pioneer (already in 2011) in building the infrastructure and transferring courses to a sports driver's license. Over the years Cross Country has trained hundreds of athletes in the automotive, motorcycle and karting industries.
Within the college, courses are held for the training of instructors and coaches in motor sports, the training of professional managers for all disciplines and continuing education programs.
In 2017, Miki Yochay's dream of establishing racing tracks began to come true. He managed to impress with his enthusiasm and vision the head of the Jordan Valley Council Mr. David Elhayani to establish the track in the council area and the venture began to take shape.
The track started as a gravel track for Rally Cross races and hosted the first rally cross race, which was organized and produced by Cross Country. Shortly afterwards, the tractors re-entered the track and the preparation and paving work began.
The company has initiated, operated and manages the PEZAEL CIRCUIT race track in the Jordan Valley and is constantly working to develop the activity and the track itself and upgrade it.
CrossCount initiates, produces and implements innovative activities, trainings and events to create an experience that will be remembered for a long time.
Provides a solution, under one roof, for the variety of needs that arise from each project.
From planning and content, through visibility and design to media exposure.
In every field of doing, we offer the customers personal treatment and direct contact, unique and innovative vision, creating a whole that will meet the customer's needs, the different and changing market needs, while creating stimulus, interest and challenge.
Among the prominent events and productions that the company has initiated and produced over the years:
Yokohama Challenge - Extreme Travel League, as part of a promotional campaign for Yokohama tires in Israel.
Hyundai Extreme - a series of Competitive showcase events, as part of an image campaign for Hyundai SUV
Crossing obstacles Racing League, sponsored by Hanfeld Technologies, importers of WARN in Israel - a series of off-road racing for standard and extreme 4X4 cars.
Mashlin in the field - a challenging and experienced day of activity with Tomcar for customers of Kogol, an importer of MICHELIN tires in Israel.
Subaru Race Group - Establishment, actual management, public relations, video photography and broadcast on the various media channels. Sponsors - Japanauto importers of Subaru, Paz oils and chemicals, locators, Kogol importers of BFGOODRICH and Michelin tires.
First legal weekend of races in Israel (2012) - Drag race, drift, and rally . Sponsored by Sparco Israel, Kogol, importers of BFGOODRICH and Michelin tires in Israel, the Sports Driving Authority.
The company has taken part in the production of festivals and exhibitions that included motor shows and performances and which swept an audience of thousands, including:

Dead Sea Festival,
Motor Festival in Eilat,
Motor event in the Golan Heights
Motor Festival in Arad